“I love my new home because it’s a beautiful building, in a beautiful location, in an amazing new city. And best of all because I get to share it with my love!”


“I love my new home because it has all the comforts and the team are helpful. They made effort to wish me happy new year on Chinese new year. Nice touch.”


“We love our PinnPoint apartment so much that it is hard to put into words. Mostly we love it because it is our home and for someone that is renting such a lovely flat and feeling so happy with all of it, it is very good to have the safety of knowing that the owner is a company that has a plan for a long term rental. This give us the peace of mind that we will be in our home for as long as we wish and also makes a huge difference in the amazing service provided by the administration team, it is a new understanding on renting for real.”

Vivian & Eduardo

“Both Claire and myself love our new flat in Bristol House because it’s super modern in the heart of Uxbridge town. We love how quiet the area is (evening and weekends lol) you can really relax when you get home from work. Having a very helpful on site management team really makes all the difference, especially in the first few days of moving in, we couldn’t work out how to use a few things and the team came straight up to assist.”


“I love my new home because I feel safe and cosy.”